Holistic, Compassionate Veterinary Care 

Combining comprehensive diagnoses


ancient healing practices


 balance your animal's health and well-being.



Why Get Acupuncture For your Pets?

Acupuncture will help animals that may be suffering from the following:

Metabolic Disturbances 

Acute Illnesses

Chronic Disease


Highland Cattle

Autoimmune Disease

Chronic Lameness

Orthopedic Disease


Weight Loss
Three Horses

Acute   and Chronic  Pain

Intervertebral Disc Disease


Neurologic Disease

Seizure Disorders

Urinary Tract Disorders

Digestive Disorders

Respiratory Diseases

Changes in Performance


Congenital Diseases


Kidney Disease

Liver Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Orange Tabby Cat

Post Surgical Relief

Behavior Concerns

Cardiac Disease

Allergies and Atopy


Meet Dr. Bronwen Foster, DVM, CVA

Dr. Bronwen Foster was born and raised in Windsor, Colorado. Bronwen received an undergraduate degree from the University of San Diego and then returned home to her native state. She received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Colorado State University and has enjoyed practicing small animal veterinary medicine and surgery in the Fort Collins area for the last twenty years. Bronwen has always been drawn to natural and holistic healing modalities and while she values the importance of Western medicine’s diagnostic tests and treatments, she remains passionately fascinated by a body’s natural responses for healing when the appropriate tools are provided. 


Bronwen completed her veterinary acupuncture certification for both large and small animals, through the Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Florida and is thrilled to be able to provide this type of care, along with supportive nutritional advice, to enhance the health of her patients. 


Bronwen volunteers for ViDAS (a group who provides no cost pet sterilization surgeries and vaccines to foreign communities in need), she has taught a dentistry lab for the veterinary technician students at Front Range Community College, and is a communication coach for the junior year veterinary students at Colorado State University. 


For leisure, Bronwen enjoys spending quality time with her daughter and their cat, Captain Butch, from whom they "rent" space. Bronwen is passionate about family, friendships, Yoga, exercise, humor, good food, travel, and the mountains. She especially enjoys witnessing the healing results of her work for her patients and their owners.


“Dr. “B” is beyond amazing. She combines her modern veterinary training, and diagnostic skills with the knowledge of the ancients (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine), to achieve fantastical results.

One of our adopted/rescued donkeys suffered from chronic abscess(es), and lameness. With one acupuncture treatment, and the addition of an herbal supplement to her diet, she has been abcess free for over one- and one-half years.

Our seventeen-year-old border collie was buckled in his rear haunches. With ongoing acupuncture, he can stand and walks over one-half mile with us every day. Dr. “B’s” calm and compassionate demeanor allows her to transcend, enter, and communicate within the animal world, and rather than merely “doctor,” she heals. From our hearts, thank you, and the highest of our recommendations.”  - BRC

"wonderful customer service. 
Took so much time with explanation of treatment, gaining dogs trust and very clear precise take home instructions. 
Also provided great back up text response with additional questions I had after appointment." - IS


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Dr. Bronwen Foster

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Treatment and Services
      I offer convenient mobile consultation and treatment in the privacy of your home.  I am also available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Midtown Veterinary Medical Center:

Convenient Home Service in Fort Collins and surrounding areas:   
Initial Consultation: $195
(Includes:travel, Western/Eastern exam, nutritional consultation, acupuncture and aqua-acupuncture treatment and plan)
(Additional mileage may apply)
Follow up Treatments: $120

Initial Consultation: $165
Follow up Treatments $95
Three Treatment Package: $256.50

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