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Nutritional Support

One of the simplest ways to maintain an animal’s health and longevity is to ensure that the essential quantity and quality of necessary nutrients are provided. Domesticated animals rely on their owners for their food sources. Conventional pet foods were created so that owners could provide a balanced meal to their pets in a convenient manner. The variety of domesticated pet foods on the market and the companies that produce them, is extensive and, quite honestly, confusing. When a diet contains high quantities of refined, highly processed or synthetic foods, the nutritional value to the animal can be compromised. 


Whole foods are the best sources of vitamins and minerals that allow the body to maintain optimal health. Standard Process started to produce whole food nutritional supplements over ninety years ago. Starting with human supplements and then creating a veterinary line, these supplements are manufactured with organic whole foods by a process that minimizes the loss of vital nutrients. 


Supplements can be utilized in many ways: to add natural vitamins and minerals to a conventional diet, to help the body heal from disease or inflammatory processes, and to help build a strong immune system to minimize harmful aging changes. 


The nutritional support recommendations are individualized for each pet. Most supplementation is only used as long as it takes the body to return to the natural state of health. The type of supplements may change depending on the animal's present needs.

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